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Video segment courtesy of ABC Australia by Prof. Adrian Franklin
Troika Pottery was an innovative range of studio wares produced in St. Ives and Newlyn in Cornwall from the early 1960's right up to 1983. Troika was founded in 1963 by Lesley Illsley, Benny Sirota and Jan Thompson who each invested £1000 to purchase the stock and goodwill from the Wells Pottery at Wheel Dream in St. Ives..

Inspired by Paul Klee and the Cornish landscapes, Troika rough-ware items are beautiful and practical, with both geometric and abstract designs in a huge range of colour combinations.

Troika Pottery has become incredibly popular over the past two or three years as individual pieces placed strategically look stunning in contemporary and modern homes. All Troika pieces are still climbing in value and currently are a good investment, with items at auction generally exceeding their estimate.

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Troika Masks, Anvil Vases, Double Bases, Lamps, Large & Rare piecesTroika Masks, Anvil Vases, Double Bases, Lamps, Large & Rare pieces
New Arrivals 21/10/14
Troika Wheel VasesTroika Wheel Vases
New Arrivals 21/10/14
Troika Rectangular & Brick Vases, Cylinder Vases & UrnsTroika Rectangular & Brick Vases, Cylinder Vases & Urns
New Arrivals 21/10/14
Troika Chimney Vases and Slab VasesTroika Chimney Vases and Slab Vases
New Arrivals 11/03/14
Troika Coffin Vases & Cube VasesTroika Coffin Vases & Cube Vases
New Arrivals 21/10/14
Troika BowlsTroika Bowls
Troika Spice Jars & Marmalade PotsTroika Spice Jars & Marmalade Pots
New Arrivals 21/10/14
Troika Gloss/Smooth waresTroika Gloss/Smooth wares
Books on Troika PotteryBooks on Troika Pottery
New Arrivals 20/03/14
Information on Troika Fakes and the Rogues GalleryInformation on Troika Fakes and the Rogues Gallery
Important update - 18/07/11
We've put together some (hopefully) useful information on fake Troika pieces often seen on ebay and other auction sites, and a rogues gallery of fakes and dubious pieces that have been offered for sale to unsuspecting collectors.
Stolen Troika PotteryStolen Troika Pottery
This category shows items of Troika stolen from the Tetbury shop on Friday 26th August 2011
Recently Sold Troika PiecesRecently Sold Troika Pieces
You can view items we have recently sold; this will give you an idea of the types of pieces we stock and may be able to source.
Troika - Customer ReservationsTroika - Customer Reservations
This category contains any items held on reserve for customers.

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